• Agriculture

    Food and agriculture industries support more than 43 million jobs and contribute nearly $7 trillion annually to the U.S. economy.

  • American Energy Security

    The Western Caucus supports American energy dominance and believes we need to increase its energy security through environmentally responsible production from our huge untapped energy resources.

  • Economy and Jobs

    Tax reform will create an additional 339,000 full-time equivalent jobs, spur an additional $1 trillion in federal revenues from economic growth and increase U.S. GDP by 1.7 percent over the long term

  • Endangered Species Act and Wildlife

    Unfortunately, overzealous bureaucrats in Washington turned the Endangered Species Act (ESA) into a weapon wielded against hard-working Americans

  • Federal Land Management

    Local communities face significant challenges due to poor federal land management policies and the existence of large swaths of federal land within their jurisdiction.

  • Green New Deal

    The Green New Deal is a socialist manifesto that seeks to fundamentally “transform America." Important details on how a transition of the GND’s magnitude will occur are missing, including how we will pay for this pie in the sky aspiration. The GND attacks American jobs and our way of life.

  • Healthy Forests

    It is far past time that we adopt a forward-thinking, active management strategy that combats dangerous wildfires before they get started and includes reforms that would end the practice of fire borrowing.

  • Local Control and States Rights

    A fundamental principle of our Constitution is the belief that local governments are better suited to deal with local issues than a distant, out-of-touch federal government.

  • Multiple-Use

    Throughout our history, non-park federal lands have been available for a variety of activities, from recreation and grazing to mining, energy development and forestry.

  • PILT and SRS

    It comes down to a simple choice for the federal government—either give rural communities the funds promised to us, or give us back our land.

  • Property Rights

    Private ownership of property is a fundamental right in America. Along with that ownership comes a certain expectation that landowners will be able to legally use their land as they see fit, so long as others are not harmed.

  • Water

    For centuries, Western states have fought over scarce water supplies.

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