Western Caucus University

Welcome to Western Caucus University! Western Caucus University was designed as an educational component of the Western Caucus to talk about topics that are at the foundation of the work we do. Our hope is that you will find these tools helpful as you learn more about Western issues.

“There is widespread misunderstanding among my House colleagues about what it means to live and work in the West.  In many cases it is not malice, it is an honest case of the inability or unwillingness to walk in someone else’s boots.”  “Western Caucus University is an effort to consolidate and coordinate our efforts to make the West something real to people here in Washington, not an abstraction or an idyllic playground.  Decisions made in Congress have consequences in the West most folks never see, it is our job to help them see.” - Chairman Cynthia Lummis

“One of the hurdles we face as Westerners in Washington is educating those who may not be as familiar with the issues that have a tremendous impact on our way of life." “The idea behind Western Caucus University is to give us the tools to help understand and explain important Western issues to our friends in Washington and back home. I believe that adding an educational platform to the Western Caucus will be a great asset to our members and those interested in learning more about the West. ” - Chairman Emeritus Steve Pearce

Western Caucus University Lessons: 

Mineral Royalties

Crude Oil Exports

Waters of the United States WOTUS

BLM Hydraulic Fracturing Rule

Regional Haze

Public Lands

Forest Management

Endangered Species Act