Empowering Local Governments and Communities
The Caucus believes that state and local governments are better suited to deal with local issues than a distant, out-of-touch federal government. State and local governments are closer to the people, more responsive to citizens, and better equipped for representing their constituents on many important issues.
Promoting Economic Growth

Large federal land holdings coupled with restrictive government mandates stifle economic growth, hinder job creation, drive up the cost of living and impair funding for public education and essential services. Our members work to eliminate federal impediments that are preventing economic prosperity in our communities.
Achieving National Energy Independence
Energy independence is a vital component of our national security, and therefore, government agencies acknowledge and consider any and all efforts to increase our independence with the same priority as any other national security issue.
Members of the Western Caucus support policies that increase, diversify, and facilitate the production and delivery of reliable and affordable energy supplies from all domestic sources. In the 115th, the Western Caucus will continue to seek implementation of a comprehensive energy policy.
Protecting Private Property
The federal government should be required to compensate property owners when regulations deprive them of the use of their property. Our members support legislation and laws that protect property from federal government “takings” and is consistent with the protections found in our Constitution.