As Chairman of the Congressional Western Caucus, I am honored to lead more than 60 Members from across the United States who serve as the voice for rural America.

The Western Caucus is the premiere organization advocating for rural policy issues throughout the West and beyond. Over the past few years, our organization has both grown and transformed. As Chairman, I intend to build upon this foundation, expand our influence, and help achieve new victories for rural communities across the country.

I am a third-generation farmer from Central Washington, and before being elected to Congress, I served as Director of the Washington State Department of Agriculture. Throughout my life and career, I have seen firsthand the negative impacts federal decisions and one-size-fits-all regulations can have on rural areas, and I am proud to work alongside Western Caucus Members to serve as champions for these communities who feel they have been left behind by the federal government’s over-reaching laws and burdensome regulatory red tape.

We will continue working to encourage responsible resource development and energy independence, increase access to our public lands and promote multiple-use, seek to protect our communities from wildfires by advancing active management of our forests, and support our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and agriculture industry with the water infrastructure that makes our way of life possible across the West.

The Western Caucus has a storied history – approaching three decades long – of standing up for rural Americans. This is our solemn responsibility, and the risk of failures are great. We’ve seen it firsthand: millions of acres of forests burnt annually, the agriculture industry unfairly punished and left with uncertainty, vital infrastructure projects stalled for years, conservation and species management needs unmet, and American industries stifled by irresponsible and inconsistent regulations. The Biden Administration poses even greater uncertainty for rural communities across the United States, but the Western Caucus intends to stand up for rural America, strongly protect our values, and defend the local communities we represent. Failure is simply not an option.

Throughout the 117th Congress, I encourage you to support the Western Caucus as we work on behalf of rural communities to further lift the voices of those who deserve to be heard.


Dan Newhouse



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