The Congressional Western Caucus is working to advance six basic objectives:

Principle 1 – (Economic Growth): Our members seek to eliminate federal impediments that are stifling economic growth, hindering job creation, driving up costs and preventing economic prosperity. Western Caucus members believe economic growth and conservation are not mutually exclusive goals and can be accomplished by promoting balanced, commonsense policies.

Principle 2 – (Energy): Members of the Western Caucus support legislation that increases, diversifies and facilitates the production and delivery of reliable and affordable energy. The Caucus seeks to promote access to our nation’s energy and mineral resources while pursuing a true all-of-the-above energy approach that aims to ensure the U.S. is a global energy leader.

Principle 3 – (Local Control): Stewardship of our environment and natural resources is best accomplished by empowering local stakeholders. The people who depend on the land to provide security for their families and communities understand those resources best. States and municipalities are better suited to deal with local issues than distant, out-of-touch bureaucrats.

Principle 4 – (Private Property Rights): Members of the Western Caucus believe that the federal government should be required to compensate property owners when government policies deprive them of the use of their property. Our members advocate for legislation that protects private property from federal government “takings” and is consistent with our Constitution.

Principle 5 – (Multiple-Use): Members of the Western Caucus embrace multiple-use and strive to increase access on public lands for activities like camping, hiking, hunting, fishing, OHV use, responsible energy production and grazing.

Principle 6 – (Agriculture and Forestry):Western Caucus members support commonsense policies that ensure affordable and safe domestic food production for American families. Maintaining healthy forests through active management is also a top priority for the Caucus.

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