ICYMI: "Champions of Rural America"

A new episode of “Champions of Rural America” on RFD-TV highlights the important steps Western Caucus Members in Congress are taking to preserve the western way of life.

  • RFD-TV
The Western Caucus Foundation recently debuted episode 4 of “Champions of Rural America” on RFD-TV. In this episode, Western Caucus Members discuss efforts in Congress to preserve the western way of life and fight back against infringements on rural America's lifestyle such as rodeo bans. The episode highlights the great economic and social impact that rodeo brings to rural communities across the United States. Additionally, abuses of the Endangered Species Act (ESA) in Alaska, Wyoming, and Washington State are discussed along with the need to reform the ESA.

Also discussed in the episode are efforts to increase water storage and protect the farmers who rely on the Colorado River from drought conditions.

The episode originally aired on January 22nd and will be airing again on Saturday, January 27th at 11:30 AM eastern on RFD-TV.

Click here to watch "Champions of Rural America."

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