Western Caucus Members Speak Out: “It’s Time to Unleash American Energy”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, Chairman Dan Newhouse (WA-04) and 29 Congressional Western Caucus Members urged their House colleagues to vote in support of H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, on the House floor. The legislation is a comprehensive solution to address the Biden Administration’s failed, anti-American energy policies.

“H.R. 1, the Lower Energy Costs Act, will finally get government out of the way of the American people. It will put an end to serial litigants stopping energy projects, it will cut through the endless red tape our producers face, and it will unleash American energy to lower costs for every American,” said Chairman Dan Newhouse (WA-04). “This is what we need and it’s what the American people deserve.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Our current energy policies favor Putin, the Chinese Communist Party, and despots around the world over American people and freedom,” said Vice Chair and Chair of the House Natural Resources Committee Bruce Westerman (AR-04). “Why would our friends across the aisle continue to put the worst polluters, human rights violators and those who wish us harm above the American people? No more. H.R. 1 is designed to solve our energy crisis. House Republicans are ready to show the world that American energy, not Saudi Arabia, not Venezuelan, not Chinese, or Russian energy American energy is our future. American mining, American innovation, American processing and refining, American manufacturing, and American infrastructure will lead us out of this energy crisis. Click here to watch his full remarks.

“America has the potential to become a truly energy superpower. God has blessed us with abundant energy. And we shouldn't have to depend on other countries for our future. In fact, we should make the world dependent on us for energy,” said Speaker Kevin McCarthy (CA-20). “The world would be cleaner and safer, and America would be better off. So, if you want to have a responsible energy policy where America produces more energy, pays less for a gallon of gas, and never again bows to foreign dictators, vote yes on lower energy—on the Lower Energy Costs Act.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“So, we must promote more domestic energy production, open more federal lands for exploration and drilling. H.R. 1 is a tiny piece of legislation that will do that,” said Executive Vice Chair Doug LaMalfa (CA-01). “Give the American people what they really want. Yeah, they want clean air and clean water, but they also want reasonable energy, and we know how to do that cleanly and efficiently.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“We want to let miners mine, farmers farm, builders build, and small businesses succeed. Under today's permitting scheme, that's all but impossible,” said Vice Chair Pete Stauber (MN-08). “In the district I represent, we have a proposed mine that would provide a huge resource of copper, nickel, cobalt. A huge resource of those critical minerals we need. It's on year 20 of permitting and litigation. It has a signed project labor agreement committed to domestic union labor for the mine's construction. And my colleagues on the other side of the aisle at every turn reject that mine as well as this administration. And this mine has won every lawsuit thrown its way, but further frivolous litigation and endless bureaucracy continue to mire the project year after year. We can help to build the energy transition with domestic minerals mined by Minnesotans, but the permitting bureaucracy stands in its way. That's why I am proud that my own legislation, which has 33 cosponsors, the Permitting for Mining Needs Act, is included in the base text. Permit MN creates what miners want. They want certainty, it limits frivolous litigation, puts in place commonsense review timelines, and just puts American miners to work. Whether they are in Minnesota, Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, California, or anywhere else.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Maintaining affordable energy is crucial to our way of life. It's what keeps hospitals open, it's what keeps traffic lights, libraries, schools, trucks, ships and airplanes operating. When the cost of powering these essential processes go up, costs go up. If the grid shuts down, everything relying upon it goes down,” said Vice Chair Doug Lamborn (CO-05). “Let's face the facts. Current green tech cannot come anywhere close to powering our nation right now or in the foreseeable future. The Energy Information Agency expects fossil fuel demand to continue rising, not decreasing, beyond the year 2050. What should be clear in this debate is that Republicans are the ones who know how energy works and we're passing legislation, H.R. 1 is this serious legislation, it will lower costs and I urge my colleagues to vote yes on this bill.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Why do we have a crisis in energy right now? It was self-inflicted. Why has this administration, have these Democrats sold off hundreds of millions of barrels of oil from our strategic petroleum reserve? The emergency reserve that was designed for crises, not awful policy. It's because they've refused to produce energy,” said Vice Chair Garret Graves (LA-06). “You've created a supply problem and you're using our emergency reserves to address it. And so, you sit here and also raise royalty rates, you proposed increased pipeline fees, you enacted taxes on American energy, all driving up the cost. And then you sit here and wonder why we have high prices? These were all self-inflicted wounds. You did this to America, your policies.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“On January 20 of 2021, President Biden declared war on American energy when he shut down the Keystone XL Pipeline,” said Vice Chair Tom Tiffany (WI-07). “Today, we begin the process to lower energy costs. This is the first stroke of what I hope are many bills to come forward to get energy costs under control for the American people.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“We need an all-of-the-above energy approach. Increasing production and untangling energy from overly burdensome red tape is key toward providing certainty and stability to American businesses, consumers and families,” said Vice Chair Adrian Smith (NE-03). “That is why I support this bill and I urge a yes vote.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“A vote for H.R. 1 is a vote for a food security. Let me repeat that, a vote for H.R. 1 is a vote for a food security. Let me explain. As Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture I'm a proud representative from Pennsylvania's 15th congressional district I am no stranger to the challenges facing America's energy industry and its direct impact on farming communities,” said Chair of the Agriculture Committee Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA-15). “We need dependable local power generation, adequate infrastructure, a strong workforce, and lower energy costs for farm operations to remain viable. It's time we return to embracing American energy, not abandoning it, and in doing so, enable America's agriculture sector to thrive.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“All of our constituents have seen and felt the impact of the constraint on and the cost of energy. Sadly, we don't need to go too far to see the impact of this administration's efforts to harm domestically produced energy. From the cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline, moratorium on oil and gas leases on federal lands, the self-destruction of our offshore lease programs, it's hard to imagine just how far this Administration will go to prop up unrealistic utopian ideas. Utopian ideas that a country can solely exist on wind and solar without oil and gas,” said Rep. Russ Fulcher (ID-01). “Republicans are also leading the way with all forms of energy that's why I'm thankful for the inclusion of my Clean Air Act in H.R. 1 to promote the responsible exploration of geothermal resources on federal lands.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“The question before us is whether our children will grow up in a world of scarcity, poverty, and misery, or one of abundance, prosperity and optimism. That's the simple question before us. We choose prosperity,” said Rep. Tom McClintock (CA-04). “A future of abundant and affordable energy, water, food, lumber, minerals and all the material comforts and benefits that flow from the resources our country's been blessed with. That is something worthy to be remembered. And that future can begin with this vote today.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

This commonsense reform will provide the necessary certainty so projects across the nation are carried out in a timely manner without sacrificing our environmental standards which are the most robust in the world,” said Rep. Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon (PR-AL). “This will be critical for jurisdictions like mine in Puerto Rico as we rebuild our public and energy infrastructure from recent natural disasters. Modernizing NEPA and the permitting process, setting clear and reasonable timelines for agencies to conduct environmental reviews, will help simplify the process and reduce bureaucratic hurdles that too often have delayed our recovery process.” Click here to watch her full remarks.

“America has an abundant supply of minerals, oil, and gas. And my state of Arizona ranks first among all states for nonfuel mineral resource production. While the mining industry is still thriving in Arizona, primarily due to the previously started mines, the Biden Administration and some in this very chamber have purposely slow-walked the permitting approval process, threatening this critically important industry,” said Rep. Paul Gosar (AZ-04). “H.R. 1 will help restore America as a global leader in energy technology development and protect Arizona’s mining industry from the Biden Administration and the leftists who want to shut it all down.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Lowering energy costs and restoring our nation's energy dominance will require an all of the above approach. And a dismantling of the Biden Administration's green energy policies. That's why H.R. 1 is such a comprehensive reform bill with input from representatives from every part of our nation,” said Rep. Matt Rosendale (MT-02). “It's time for congress to stand up to unelected bureaucrats and the radical environmentalists controlling our executive branch and setting policies without regard for the impact they'll have on people in Montana and real America.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Americans are paying 40% more for their gas since President Biden took office and the Democrats have done nothing but add fuel to the fire to raise that price by shutting down our drilling and shutting down our mines,” said Rep. Jerry Carl (AL-01). “On the other hand, the House Republicans, this week, we're moving forward with the Lower Energy Costs Act. Two primary objectives here. Increase American energy production—American energy production, not communist. To strip away the rules and regulations that make it harder for American infrastructure to grow this economy.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Over the summer, people in California were paying over $6 per gallon of gas,” said Rep. David Valadao (CA-21). “It's unacceptable that even though America has some of the greatest resources of any nation of the world, my constituents are having trouble putting gas in their tank and food on their table. That's why I'm proud to support the Lower Energy Costs Act and encourage my colleagues to support on both sides of the aisle.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“If the Biden Administration truly wanted to lower energy costs, the president's budget wouldn't have removed intangible drilling cost deductions. If these vital provisions were eliminated, it would not only result in increased energy prices, but it would also cost the U.S. over 250,000 jobs and would have a disparate impact throughout the nation,” said Rep. Stephanie Bice (OK-05). “I am committed to cutting bureaucratic red tape especially for our hardworking energy producers who have dealt with the stifling regulations from the Biden administration. And H.R. 1 is the first step towards lowering energy costs.” Click here to watch her full remarks.

“This crucial piece of legislation would increase domestic energy production, reform the permitting process, and reverse the Biden Administration's anti-energy policies that are crushing our nation's small oil and gas producers,” said Chair of the Small Business Committee Roger Williams (TX-25). “As the Chairman of the Committee on Small Business, I hear from our small producers about the damage that has been done to their industry over the last few years. The Biden Administration's hostile approach toward this entire industry is harming small businesses.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“I would like to remind my colleagues last night while they charged their phones, this morning while they brewed their cup of coffee or considered putting on masks for the third year in a row, and even this very moment as we stand in this chamber with the lights on, the mics working, the AC turned down very, very low, for every one of these actions they have an American energy worker to thank for it,” said Rep. Lauren Boebert (CO-03). “Instead of being grateful, Joe Biden and the DC democrats have waged a war on American energy production and the consequences have been devastating for the American people.” Click here to watch her full remarks.

“On my home, the island of Guam, energy costs have reached historical highs. less than a year ago gas prices reached an all-time high of $6.49 a gallon,” said Rep. James Moylan (GU-AL). “On average gas prices are still 40% higher than they were before Biden took office. The people of Guam can't continue to face these inflated costs. We must deliver solutions here in Washington, to help ease their pain.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“When we drill it in America, when we dam it in America, when we nuke it in America, when we frack it in America, we save American jobs, and we increase American families’ affordability. When we grow it in America, when we log it in America, when we make it in America, we create jobs and create affordability, and we do it more sustainably than anywhere else on earth,” said Rep. John Duarte (CA-13). “Over here, we're the champions of abundance, and we're here today to tell the American working family, there is a better choice for them. We can thrive, we can have affordability, we can have sustainability, and we can have opportunity right here in America. And with H.R. 1, drill oil now, we can deliver American working families a better option.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“America must have accessible and affordable energy, and coal, oil and gas, and uranium are three of the most important resources we have to meet our demands. These resources are needed now and will be needed for generations to come with demand only increasing over time,” said Rep. Harriet Hageman (WY-AL). “The key question that we must address then is, who is going to be producing our energy? Our fellow Americans using our very own resources here or foreign and often hostile countries? For the Republicans, the correct answer is obvious.” Click here to watch her full remarks.

“The energy sector in my home state employs more than 150,000 hard-working Kansans, provides more than $3 billion in family income, and delivers over $1.5 billion in state and local tax revenue,” said Rep. Jake LaTurner (KS-02). “This legislation will protect our energy security, grow our economy and create good-paying jobs in our communities.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Low cost, reliable energy is fundamental to prosperity. It isn't the only critical aspect necessary for a nation and her people to be prosperous, but it is awfully hard for a nation to be prosperous without it. Low cost and reliable energy helps America to produce more goods and therefore put downward pressure on inflation. And boy, do we need all the help we can get,” said Rep. David Rouzer (NC-07). “It will enable America to be energy dominant again, increasing American strength abroad. Put another way, it's critical to our economy, our food security, and our national security. And that is why this legislation is so badly needed at this critical time in American history.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“The Lower Energy Costs Act is a comprehensive and common-sense proposal that would lower costs for Oregon families by unleashing American energy,” said Rep. Lori Chavez-DeRemer (OR-05). “Energy prices and the cost of living have remained elevated for far too long.” Click here to watch her full remarks.

“This legislation will not only alleviate burdensome energy costs for my constituents in Texas 13, but it will do so for all Americans,” said Rep. Ronny Jackson (TX-13). “I am proud to support this legislation.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“Honoring our Commitment to America, Republicans will end Biden’s war on American energy and fulfill another promise to the American people. And that is keeping the American land in the hands of the American farmer,” said Rep. Randy Feenstra (IA-04). “I’m a passionate supporter of H.R. 1.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

“This abundance of American energy that we’ve been talking about can be a huge American competitive advantage in an increasingly uncertain world,” said Rep. Dusty Johnson (SD-AL). “H.R. 1…is a huge step in the right direction. It prevents the constant relitigation of projects and of reviews that have already been settled.” Click here to watch his full remarks.

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