Chairman Newhouse, Rep. Peltola React to Biden’s Alaska Energy and Mining Restrictions

Today, Congressional Western Caucus Chairman Dan Newhouse (WA-04) and Representative Mary Peltola (AK-AL) released the following statements on the Biden Administration’s twin announcements to restrict oil and gas development in the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska (NPR-A) and cancel the proposed Ambler mining road.
“Another day, another set of egregious anti-American energy development actions from the Biden Administration to score political points with extreme environmentalists,” said Chairman Newhouse. “Restricting oil and gas development in Alaska’s North Slope and cancelling a proposed road to a vast mineral deposit threatens America’s energy and mineral security by making us more reliant on foreign adversaries for energy and limits the economic prosperity of Alaska-native communities that depend on revenue from these projects. The Congressional Western Caucus will continue to fight against President Biden’s war on American energy.”
“Closing off NPR-A is a huge step back for Alaska, failing to strike a balance between the need for gap oil and natural gas and legitimate environmental concerns, and steamrolling the voices of many Alaska Natives in the decision-making process,” said Representative Peltola. “The Ambler Road decision is premature, as real conversations among stakeholders in the region are ongoing. Alaska has a wealth of natural resources that can be responsibly developed to help boost domestic manufacturing and innovation—in the end, it should be up to Alaskans to decide what they want developed in their regions.”

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