BRANDED: Our commitment to affordable, clean American energy

By Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)

BRANDED: Our commitment to affordable, clean American energy
By Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23)

“Conservation is a great moral issue, for it involves the patriotic duty of ensuring the safety and continuance of the nation.” President Theodore Roosevelt uttered these famous words during a speech titled Conservation as a National Duty in 1908. He was well ahead of his time, and knew then what Republicans still champion: that it is incumbent upon legislators to offer solutions that will both grow our economy and protect our environment. That’s probably why it is Roosevelt – a Republican – who came to be known as the "Conservationist President."
But today, Democrats try to claim the moniker of ‘environmental warriors,’ peddling policies like the Green New Deal with many suggesting that this is the way – in fact, the only way – of the future. But, it simply isn’t true, and we know that Americans haven’t taken the bait – 90% of voters “support the U.S. developing its own domestic sources of energy rather than relying on other regions of the world.”
House Republicans share these same sentiments, which is why we have rolled out our new platform, the Commitment to America, which works to pursue an economy that's strong, a nation that’s safe, a future that’s built on freedom, and a government that’s accountable. Within these pillars, we offer solutions that are critical to making America energy independent, reducing gas prices, and prioritizing clean, affordable energy.
And it all starts at home: as a nation, our energy needs are growing. Yet the Biden administration seems set on reducing our supply and increasing costs for many families. This is not sustainable, and threatens our economic and national security.  The only way we can rectify this policy failure is by working to fast-track energy production to reduce prices and our country’s reliance on foreign competitors. 
The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) is just one example of the burdensome government regulations that must be reformed to meet our energy needs. What started as a well-intended law in 1970, has become the most litigious environmental policy on record, with many environmental extremists misusing this legislation. 
In order to meet consumer demand, Republicans have prioritized comprehensive permitting reform to streamline the process of innovating, building, and producing in our country. By reforming outdated environmental laws like NEPA, which often lead to increased costs and frustrating delays, we can restore America’s status as a leader in energy development to ensure reliable and resilient power for Americans everywhere. 
In addition to NEPA reform, Republicans also plan to prioritize all-of-the-above energy policies.
While Democrats continue to further rely on our foreign competitors, Republicans intend to use our American resources to improve U.S. competitiveness and reduce global emissions.  
While Democrats wage a war on our oil and gas producers, Republicans understand that year after year, America has significantly reduced emissions while also producing natural gas that is cleaner than our adversaries’.
And while Democrats try to stifle American energy development, Republicans are committed to investing in domestic energy and mineral production to maintain energy security, and protect our supply chain from China.
America was once the largest energy producer in the world, and we can be that again. Our neighbors shouldn’t have to choose between driving to work and putting food on the table when we have the capacity to produce affordable, clean energy here at home. Through our Commitment to America, we will strengthen our economy, advance our national security interests, and boost energy production, all while working towards a healthier tomorrow.

Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy represents California's 23rd Congressional District and serves as a Vice Chair of the Congressional Western Caucus.

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