Our Energy Future: Hydrogen

Our Energy Future: Hydrogen

By Rep. Debbie Lesko (AZ-08) 

As we celebrate National Clean Energy Week, it is important to remember that all Americans need sources of inexpensive, secure, and reliable sources of energy for a healthy and prosperous economy – especially as global energy demand is expected to increase 50% by 2050. Hydrogen can be produced here in the United States and provide a truly viable, affordable, and zero emissions energy source.

The importance of hydrogen development is why I was proud to reintroduce my bill, the Hydrogen Permitting Simplification Act, which streamlines the hydrogen permitting process for federal hydrogen programs if the programs utilize zero-carbon emission sources. While Americans are facing higher energy costs thanks to the Biden Administration’s America-last policies, companies that produce hydrogen from zero-carbon emission sources are also facing costly environmental regulations. My legislation removes those burdensome regulatory barriers and empowers American companies to become leaders in hydrogen production.

It is exciting to see that hydrogen power is gaining traction across the United States – especially in my home state of Arizona. Arizona is uniquely poised to be a successful hydrogen hub, as it already has large investments in solar and nuclear energy generation, as well as the geologic resources to store hydrogen. Excess nuclear and solar power produced during times of low demand can be converted to clean hydrogen. Other states around the country should take notes and emulate our model for hydrogen power development!

The safest, most realistic, and most affordable way to support clean energy is through pipeline infrastructure. Clean natural gas, hydrogen, and captured carbon dioxide will all require a network of pipelines to move the product from where it is manufactured to other locations around the country. In Arizona, existing natural gas pipelines are already being tested to determine how much hydrogen can be added to the lines, and major energy companies are already planning to produce hydrogen in the state and build hydrogen pipelines throughout the state.
The United States has been a global clean energy leader, and American-made energy continues to be the cleanest in the world. We have an abundance of resources right here at home, that, with the right infrastructure, can unleash American energy independence without sacrificing reliability and affordability for our families. I will continue to work in the U.S. House of Representatives to help remove the regulatory red tape that is holding back a resurgence of national energy dominance, and I am grateful for the work that the Western Caucus does on this front.

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