Western Caucus Members Visit Lake Tahoe for Forestry Field Tour

Last week, the Western Caucus Foundation hosted a Field Tour and Policy Discussion in Lake Tahoe with four Congressional Western Caucus Members, congressional staff, and stakeholders. Members attending included Representatives Kevin Kiley (CA-03), Cliff Bentz (OR-02), Jerry Carl (AL-02), and Tom McClintock (CA-05). In total, 22 Congressional offices and committees participated. 

Congressional Western Caucus Members heard firsthand from local leaders and stakeholders about the issues impacting the Lake Tahoe region in both California and Nevada. Policy discussions included the urgent need for proper forest management, challenges to wildfire mitigation, issues with insurance access, and hurdles the Endangered Species Act poses for farmers and rural communities across the United States. 

The U.S. Forest Service arranged various site visits so participants could see firsthand the damage caused by wildfires, such as the Caldor Fire, and efforts to mitigate future disasters. The group saw examples of both treated and untreated forests, as well as learned about prescribed burns, forest thinning techniques, fuel management and water infrastructure in the region. 

The field tour also included a tour of Camp Richardson to hear from the Forest Service about housing issues in the region for agency staff and the abundant year-round recreational opportunities Lake Tahoe has to offer. 

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